Listen Now! You wanted UCF coverage. More is coming to the USA TODAY Florida Sports Network

Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter Chris Boyle talks about the upcoming UCF, high school football seasons on state podcast.

Listen Now! You wanted UCF coverage. More is coming to the USA TODAY Florida Sports Network

Here at USA TODAY Florida Sports Network, we're constantly trying to improve.
While we have 17 news sites across the state, there are still some coverage areas where we don't have newspapers.
One of those areas is Orlando.

We have several locations within an hour of Orlando: Lakeland, Leesburg, Daytona Beach and Brevard, but none with dedicated Orlando area reporters.

With the UCF ready to jump from AAC to the Big 12, we'll be dedicating more resources to covering the Knights next season.
Chris Boyle, longtime high school sports reporter for the Daytona Beach News Journal, will write more stories about the UCF and give us more coverage of the game during the 2022 season.
Chris is the latest guest on "The Sports Podcast of the State of the Florida," powered by the USA TODAY Network.

The USA TODAY Florida Sports Network

Chris will report to us on some of the big NEWS from UCF right now, including the recent announcement that the Knights would be joining the Big 12 a year earlier, in 2023 instead of 2024.

He will tell us what that means for the conference, which may have 14 teams in 2023 unless Texas and Oklahoma move to the SEC a year earlier than expected.

We'll find out why that might not be a good financial move for the Aggies and the Sooners.

We'll also get a perspective on what's expected of UCF this upcoming season, the last at the AAC.  And we'll learn why this will be the last "War on I-4" between UCF and USF for the foreseeable future because of how schedules work once UCF heads to the Big 12.

And Chris gives his opinion on whether or not UCF now belongs to the exclusive club of the state's legacy soccer programs, such as Florida, Florida State and Miami.

In addition, Chris will discuss some of the great high school football stories in the state.  In addition to covering UCF, he is a high school sports reporter and co-host of Florida's state recruiting headquarters.  podcast.

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