British royal guard surrenders in the face of hot weather and breaks the rules

The British royal guard, distinguished by a red military uniform and a long fur hat, could not cope with the harsh heat wave, succumbing to thirst.

British weather
One of the guards, famous for their serious behavior, was seen receiving a drink of water from a British police officer while on duty.

At the present time, very hot weather is dominating Europe, causing the death of many people, and the British Royal Guard breaking the strict law of them.

After temperatures in London rose to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a guard famous for their serious behavior was seen who, no matter how hard the tourists tried to make them smile, they kept their serious eyes and did not talk to anyone while receiving a drink of water from a British police officer on duty.

It is noteworthy that the guard drank water while maintaining his position and carrying his weapon without any movement, and the sites were buzzing with the image of the guard, and another picture of a guard who was offered tea and water by his colleagues while he was working.

The behavior of the guards is in violation of the laws that prevent them from carrying out any work or movement, except for the exercise of their duties.

British guard hat
.The Royal Guard, which is one of the oldest British military bodies, enjoys many privileges

Information about the guard hat in Britain

Made of Canadian black bear leather, the guards' hats are made from a warm, water-resistant material that maintains its distinctive soft shape no matter the weather conditions, and thus will make the guards even more harsh in summer.

The duties of the Royal Guard are limited to military parades and processions that take place on royal occasions, or in which Queen Elizabeth II attends, such as the opening of Parliament sessions or the celebration of the Queen’s birthday, while previously their responsibility was to preserve the safety of the British King, both locally and internationally.

The Royal Royal Guard with many privileges

The number of royal guards was at the coronation ceremony of King Henry VII in 1485 only 50 guards, then Queen Elizabeth I raised their number to 200, and when King Charles II came he reduced their number to 100.

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