What is the annual Halloween and is it held only in America

The annual Halloween in America

What is the annual Haloin?

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There is not a single Halloween holiday in the world.

Everything was strangely mixed in him: pagan customs, religious traditions, and frightening superstitions. Halloween night is celebrated all over the world.

And recently in Russia on October 31, you can hear the knocks of the door, then loudly: “Sweet or bad?” About the history of one of the oldest holidays, its traditions and customs - in the article REN TV.

Halloween date?


The date of the Halloween holiday began 2,000 years ago, when Celtic tribes lived in present-day England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and northern France.

The Celts considered November to April a cold and dark time, so the night from October 31 to November 1 marked the boundary between light and darkness. This tradition influenced the date of Halloween celebration.

The Celts believed that the dead and various evil spirits could come to life tonight. Therefore, they gathered with holy fire and brought gifts to their pagan gods, wearing animal skins and masks to intimidate monsters.

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Hence the modern tradition of wearing evil costumes.

In the Middle Ages, All Saints Day was scheduled for November 1, on which day all saints who did not have their own days during the year were honored.

It is no coincidence that the church chose November 1 for this feast, so it hoped to end pagan rituals and traditions that came from ancient times.

This holiday was called Halloween or All Saints Day.

Halloween, Valentine's Day

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But no matter how much churchmen wanted ancient traditions to be plunged into oblivion, they have been preserved.

People in many countries continued to arrange the holiday on October 31 – on Halloween Eve.

It became known as All Hallows Even and gradually shrank into Halloween.

October 31

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It was believed that on October 31, all the forces of evil—witches, witches, goblins, demons, and other evil spirits led by Satan himself—gathered to somehow arrange all sorts of atrocities and harm on the eve of the holiday.

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