The attitudes of King Abdulaziz with his father -

The attitudes of King Abdulaziz with his father

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King Abdulaziz and the etiquette of visiting the father the attitudes of King Abdulaziz with his father:

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The King Abdulaziz Foundation, a cultural institution located in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was established to serve the history, geography, literature and heritage of the Kingdom and the Arab countries in general, the department had published on Twitter a post on Father's day about King Abdulaziz showing how to be revered and respected and the righteousness of the father to the fullest, so what would King Abdulaziz do if he wanted to see his father King Abdulrahman bin Faisal Al Saud.

What would King Abdulaziz do if he wanted to see his father?

The publication tells about King Abdulaziz that he used to go out every morning from his palace in Safat square walking to the palace of Imam Abdulrahman and upon arrival at the door of the palace he sends those who ask for permission to enter to his father's Council for peace on him.
The king is still waiting for his father's permission to come to him, so if he gets permission, he goes to the imam's Council and salutes him and kisses his hand, then he stays in the middle of his father's Council, which is usually filled with those who have come to make peace with him.

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Other positions of King Abdulaziz with his father

Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz mentioned in one of his lectures that his father, King Abdulaziz, was not walking in an upper room while his father was in the room below, out of respect and reverence for his father.

He was helping his father to ride his horse, and he refused to lift his father's feet on the horse to anyone else, despite the presence of his father's escorts.

One of his close companions narrated that one day when they returned from Mecca to Riyadh in King Abdul Aziz's passenger while the imam was alive, the imam asked his father for permission to enter Riyadh and set the time of his arrival.

the next morning, he walked until reaching the city walls forty-five minutes before the scheduled time, even if he tried to enter only after asking his father's permission again.

then he went to the imam's House, asked about him and waited for him in the courtyard of the house.

when the father got down and gave him permission to enter, he entered, kissed his head and sat on the floor while the imam was sitting on a sofa.

King Abdulaziz was afraid to say goodbye to his father, so he kissed his hands and asked him to try to make sure if his father was satisfied with him, and the imam answered him:

no doubt, he kissed his hands repeating the question, and the imam answered: no doubt about that.

the attitudes of King Abdulaziz with his father

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